?? Hakki Pilke

 The 1X 37 is excellent for professional use but also offers a unique option for demanding domestic use or as a shared machine when making larger amounts of firewood. Even though the machine only needs 7.5 kW of power and weighs just 600 kg, it can be used effectively to split trunks almost 40 cm thick. This exceptional power is best exhibited when making firewood out of trunks of varying sizes. The speed of the machine is automatically adjusted according to the size of the trunks.

Top-class production with the Easy equipment

The 1X 37 can be equipped with the Easy function to enhance its user-friendliness. With the Easy equipment, wood can be
moved forward and back and cut, and the height of the blade can be easily adjusted using hydraulic levers. This valuable Easy function eases work and improves productivity for professional users of the device.

Additional and optional equipment:

• Splitting blades for splitting into 2, 4, and 6 parts
• Log hoist: Woodlift 371
• Wood worktops: Woodran 371, 421, and 422


Technical data:

Power demand: 7.5 kW
(easy model 10kW)

Power, bulk cubic metres/h: approximately 7-8 m3

Cross-cut sawbar: 0.325'/66 drive links

Sawbar: 16'

Splitting cylinder:
Ø 63mm/5.5 t
- optional Ø 70 mm/6.9 t

Splitting blade:
(standard): two and four way
- optional six way

Maximum log diameter: 37 cm

Hydraulic pressure: 180 bar

Hydraulic pump flow: 44 l/min

Hydraulic oiltank capacity: 40 l/oil standard

Device weight:
- device with the discharge conveyor 590 kg
- device with the discharge conveyor and infeed conveyor 695 kg

Measurements of the device in transport:
- Height 2480 mm
- Width 2450 mm
- Depth 850 mm

Length of the device when operating: 4.0 m

Length of the infeed conveyor: 2.2 m

Power supply options: Tractor engine, electric engine or combustion engine